QT Code - Our Latest Security/Promotional Feature

What is a QT Code?

A QT Code is our unofficial name for our latest and greatest in barcoding. Quick Tick International has begun testing a new type of barcode to print on our client's tickets. It is much different than your typical linear or 2-dimensional barcodes. These new barcodes are printed in black-and-white or color and can hold much more data and even media content. They can also be custom made to put your logo behind the barcode, sort of like a watermark, except unintrusive like it would be with current barcode technology.

How does it work?

Well first you need to have a cell phone with a data plan (in most cases you won't need one at all, just your customers will). Then you need to tell us what you'd like your barcode to do for you. Below is a list of what these new barcodes can do for you;

  • When scanned, go directly to a specific URL that you want
  • When scanned, bring up a specific image that you want
  • When scanned, download a specific movie clip and play it
  • When scanned, download a specific song and play it
  • When scanned, call a specific phone number
  • When scanned, display a vCard of your contact information
  • When scanned, display any text you like
  • Barcodes can be activated for a certain date range
  • Graphs can be generated showing how many scans a specific barcode received and what dates it was scanned

  • Why do I need a cell phone and what does that have to do with my tickets?

    Currently the software needed to decode these barcodes is only available on cell phones, and requires a data plan to access the content that the barcode reveals. We're working with the developers right now to either have them develop, or co-develop a PDA alternative but because everything is in Beta, it may be a while. Now, we also understand no one wants to stand there and take pictures of 15,000 tickets with their cell phones; so we've come up with a few ideas for you to help find a use for these new barcodes.

    One way is to scan the tickets at random, kind of like how TSA does in the airport with screenings. Another would be to put a promotional offer into the barcode and have YOUR customers take advantage of the new technology also. For example:

    Joe's Nightclub orders 1000 tickets with the QT Code printed on them. He wants the barcode to be linked to a promotional offer (which we can host the data on our servers if need be at no additional charge) that reads "Buy 1 mixed drink, get a shot on the house". Mark buys a ticket with this fancy new barcode on it and goes into the club. Most clubs take the stub and give the patron back the ticket, well that's where we'd put the QT Code. Mark walks up to the bartender, scans his ticket, shows the bartender the message, and voila! Free drink on the house.

    Now, that scenario can be changed any way you'd like, it was just an example, you could do buy one get one half off or anything really. Also, say you're a promoter ordering tickets for the latest band; place a QT Code on the ticket embedding a special link that automatically downloads that band's song(s) so your patron can have a new ringtone or cell phone wallpaper, or 25% off their newest CD, etc. The options are limitless. It's all up to you, fully customizable barcodes.

    So what would I use the auto-dial feature for?

    Business cards of course! Just have one of these new barcodes printed on your business cards. All someone would need to do is download the software to read it, have a data plan, and there you go.

    How do I know if my phone is can run the software?

    Just follow this link to see if your phone* is supported - Click Here

    *Some phones can take advantage of real-time scanning instead of having to actually take pictures of the barcodes.

    Great, but how do I find out even more about these?

    Easy! Just give us a call and ask for Shawn and mention QT Codes or email me at sha...@quicktick.com

    So what do these look like?

    Below are a few samples:

    Step-by-Step Process on How to Read QT Codes