Fiesta Tickets
This large format is perfect for all types of sports and entertainment events. The large image area is ideal for a sizable amount of information and freedom of design. The art for this ticket is custom designed by our Art Department. Then, it is offset printed flat or raised (thermography) in one or more colors, including 4-color process. Other design elements, such as custom logos and holograms, may be added to this very versatile ticket. Please refer to Graphic Requirements before sending art or logos.



2 3/4 " x 6 3/4"


including two 1 3/8 " stub

•Printed by Raised Print or Satin Blaser methods.
•Hologram stamping is available
•Custom Hologram is another option.
•Glitter may be added for that special effect with
Raised Print method only
•May be bound in Booklet form
•Ultra-violet Ink is available
•Two stubs are available with special perforation
•Back Printing is available